Dear Reader


Dear Reader,

Have you ever taken the time to notice the infinitely small things in the world? Things as small as a freckle on your arm, a ladybug lying on a leaf, the sound a keyboard makes when you press the buttons. These things go unnoticed by most for the duration of their existence. They are all the simplest forms of existentialism, barely breathing, if at all.

And yet for some, these things mean everything. To a lover, a freckle is a part of what makes their counterpart unique; they will learn to memorize its location to the exact square inch it occupies. To the entomologist, the ladybug is a part of nature’s mysterious depth, another fascinating creature that never ceases to amaze the eye of the curious. To the writer, the sound of the keyboard has become therapeutic; the product of visualizing the mind’s rawest thoughts.

We can’t all see the beauty in the world, and I’m not entirely sure that we are meant to. They say, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, and while I tend to pass at the idea of using clichéd ideas, there is so much truth to that statement. Did you know that sometimes, we fail to see the beauty in ourselves? There are people out there, ruthless, unrelenting people, who would dare you to see yourself outside of the light we were meant to hold inside of us. They will pour darkness on you; give you false impressions of what beauty is actually supposed to look like. These people cannot find the simple beauty around them, because they can’t see it in themselves. And so they’ll do what they can to deny you that birthright, that birthright we’ve been given to shine in the exuberant light we were born under.

I see this beauty in you, reader. You are not such as the unnoticed speck in time, the flicker of passing beauty that is more often missed than not. You have been blessed with one of the most breathtaking forms of beauty that is both seen and felt from those who know you, and those who wish to know you.

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